Haven Upper Arlington Virtual Office


2025 Riverside Dr, Upper Arlington OH 43221

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  • A  business street address and suite number to bolster your reputation
  • Business address to use on your website, digital marketing, and print
  • Access to meeting rooms to fit your needs (Additional charge)
  • Certified mail receiving agent with the USPS
  • Full office amenities such as printing and high-speed internet
  • Receive mail and letter size packages
  • Secure/locked private mailbox
  • Business hour mailbox access
  • Mail scanning or forwarding
  • Free and convenient parking

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Why start with a Professional Business Presence?

 Starting with a Professional Business Presence ensures that your virtual office is not just an address but a comprehensive representation of your business, enhancing credibility and visibility. It lays the foundation for a solid digital marketing strategy and customer engagement.

What if my strategy is to have multiple Virtual Office Locations?

Having multiple Virtual Office locations can expand your business's reach and presence in various markets. We can help strategize and implement these locations effectively to maximize your visibility and local engagement.

Why are some of your Virtual Office locations outside the city of Columbus?

Expanding locations outside Columbus allows businesses to establish a presence in diverse communities and markets, increasing their reach and providing opportunities for regional growth and customer acquisition.

What if I don't need your Professional Business Presence service, can I just get a business address plan?

Yes, you can opt for just a business address plan if that meets your current needs. We offer flexible solutions that can be tailored to your specific business requirements.

What if I already have an address plan at one of these locations, why do most locations have a setup fee?

Setup fees are common due to the administrative and operational costs involved in establishing your Virtual Office, including setting up mail handling, business services, and ensuring compliance with local regulations.

What if I already have a Virtual Office plan at one of the locations listed? Can I still get help with a Professional Business Presence?

Absolutely. Even if you already have a Virtual Office plan, we can assist in enhancing your Professional Business Presence, focusing on digital marketing, website development, and other services to boost your business's visibility and engagement.

Are there less expensive Virtual Office plans in Columbus than what you have listed on this website?

Our pricing reflects the value and comprehensive support our Virtual Office plans provide. While there may be less expensive options, our focus is on quality, reliability, and a suite of services that support your business's growth and professional image.

What is a CMRA and why does each Virtual Office require a notarized form to handle my mail?

A CMRA (Commercial Mail Receiving Agency) requires a notarized form (typically USPS Form 1583) to legally handle and receive mail on behalf of your business. This ensures security and compliance with postal regulations.

What if I already have advanced digital marketing and an existing Virtual Office?

If you already have advanced digital marketing and a Virtual Office, we can complement your existing strategies by providing additional support, resources, or consultation to enhance your professional presence and optimize your business's performance.

What should I expect in the setup process for my Virtual Offices?

Expect a straightforward process involving choosing your package, completing any necessary forms (like the notarized CMRA form), and setting up your services such as mail handling, phone services, and any additional amenities your plan includes.

Can I just setup a P.O. Box or mailbox at a shipping store?

While a P.O. Box or mailbox at a shipping store can provide an address, they do not offer the professional presence or comprehensive business services of a Virtual Office, and may not be compliant with certain business or legal requirements.

How do I add my business center or coworking space to the Columbus Business Centers website?

To add your business center or coworking space, contact us with details about your location, services, and how you meet our standards for professional business presence. We’ll review your submission for potential inclusion in our network.